1. The rotating images on the front page (middle) can have caption text as well.
  2. The logo at the top can be changed.  I made this one up to start.
  3. Below the center images rotating on the home page are ‘posts’ that are pulled in from the post page…. (from the ‘Updates’ link below Home on the side panel menu).  I have only put sample posts here from what was current.  Once a post is added to the updates page, various posts or categories of posts can also be called into this page…. OR not.  Depending on what you’d like.
  4. The calendar sets up a list of events.  You can see that on the right hand panel.  Clicking on an item takes you to the event info. and clicking ‘View All Events” takes you to a calendar page. This is the free version of this particular plug in.  The purchased version will have more options for what displays.
  5. I have the category navigation menus on the left panel for each of the sections, and for most pages have set up 3 columns.  However some pages have too much content for 3 columns so they only have two.  Ie Business directory, and some others. There’s an issue at the moment because the left side menu is not appearing on the ‘Updates’ page properly.  Working on that.
  6. The info and widgets in the side panels does not have to be the same for each page, this is variable. There can be a special notice one on the side as well like Rosthern has.
  7. There is a “Latest News” strip at the top which can be used for important notices/alerts, and hidden if there are none.  Presently this displays a default sample text as I have not set up an specific item for it yet.
  8. You can decide about the colors for the top tabs and whether or not you even want different colors.  It might be a bit distracting for the overall design and a single color might be better.
  9. I have not done up a gallery yet as most of Gene’s images are on the various pages, except I haven’t included some of his landscape photos and these could be set up in a gallery.
  10. I have used the Weather Network weather widget (and it is slow to be show up for some reason).  I see that Rosthern is using a one – which, if preferred I will have to investigate the how to.
  11. You can decide what info you want in the footer, and content may need correcting on some of the pages.