Attractions and Tourism near Blainie Lake, Saskatchewan.

  • Saskatchewan’s Largest Tree

    Saskatchewan’s largest tree is located South of Blaine Lake on Hwy #12 down Tree Road (this road will also take you to the Doukhobor Dugout House site).
    This very old cottonwood/balsam poplar hybrid has been growing since before the first white settlers came to this area. The circumference of the tree is nearly 5 metres!

  • Petrofka Orchard

    Petrofka Orchard is an apple orchard and vegetable farm located just 40 minutes north of Saskatoon in central Saskatchewan. Our goal is to produce fresh, healthy and sustainably grown food and provide a beautiful country venue where one can slow down, relax and enjoy time with family and friends. All of our seasonal tours begin the May long weekend and go until September. In the Orchard Country Store you will find the best homemade pies, jams, mustards, sauces and Apple Sausages. We invite you to take a walk around the orchard trails and picnic on our small but quaint riverfront beach. Check out our website for hours of operations and product information.

  • Heavenly Hills Orchard

  • Muskeg Lake First Nation

  • 12-40 & Beyond Tour

    An Adventure in Rural Life. This exciting self-guided tour is held annually in July. Large red grain elevator shaped markers will guide visitors to 14 different venues featuring the talents of local artisans. Tour sites include stone carvings, poetry readings, wool spinning, antiques, calligraphy, artists, blacksmithing, a labyrinth, crafts created from a variety of fabrics including deer and moose hides. Self Guided Tour –  Map
    For more information visit their website.

  • Riverlands Heritage Region Tour

    The Riverlands self-guided tour is found along the west side of the North Saskatchewan River between Petrofka Bridge and Wingard Ferry in Saskatchewan, Canada. The self-guided tour includes cultural and historical sites as well as areas of natural history. Direction signs as well as information signs guide the traveller along country roads with stops at a number of interesting sites. This is a fair weather summer tour with information available for each site on the map brochure.
    Printable Self Guided Tour Map – Riverland Self Guided Tour

  • Doukhobor Dugout House

    Located South of Blaine Lake a short distance off of Highway 12. The Doukhobor Dugout House Inc., became a Provincial Heritage Property in the spring of 2005. Come and visit this historic site and learn more about the Doukhobor culture. For more information and hours of operation, please visit their website.

  • General Store Memories, Museum and Antiques

    When it’s time for a break from the ordinary, take a walk down memory lane. This two storey building has thousands of antiques, collectibles and treasures awaiting your discovery. General Store Memories is located 15 miles Northwest of Blaine Lake. For more information and hours of operation, please contact Bill or Vivian at 306-226-4646.

  • Murals

    In 2004 the idea of painting murals on local business exteriors came to life. A Mural Committee consisting of Local artists Doreen Kalmakoff, Mike Raymer, Marj Pool and Rosemarie Banda was founded and in the following months several murals were painted throughout the community. The objective of the committee was to create an outdoor gallery depicting local wildlife, agriculture and scenery. To date 13 murals have been completed with preliminary plans for several more. Information is available at the Town Office for those who would like to take a self-guided tour of these beautiful paintings.

  • Crooked Trees

    Located west of Blaine Lake is a grove of incredible Poplar trees. These trees resemble trees from a sci-fi movie. They are certainly worth the drive to see them. Contact the Town Office for directions on how to get there. Phone 306-497-2531.

  • Bird-watching

    The Blaine Lake area is a Birdwatchers’ Paradise. The lakes, hills, meadows, valleys and forests of the Blaine Lake area provide habitat to hundreds of different bird species. Birdwatchers may expect to encounter woodpeckers, wrens, bluebirds, humming birds, swallows, owls, blue herons, loons, migratory birds such as ducks, geese, as well as turkey vultures and eagles including the beautiful Bald Eagle.

  • Spirit of the Prairie Art and Teaching Studio

    Local artist, Doreen Kalmakoff teaches and works in a variety of media. She is responsible for much of the artwork that has gone into the Blaine Lake Murals. Please contact her at 306-497-2801 or e-mail her at