Ag Day – October 15th

Please find attached your personal invite and details for our upcoming Ag Day at the Blaine Lake location. We are excited to be able to bring this wealth of knowledge to our community and think you will find great value in attending as well.

Intent to Permanently Close a Street


Please take note that pursuant to Section 13, The Municipalities Act the Town of Blaine Lake intends to consider the initial report on a proposed bylaw to permanently close the following municipal road or street for the purpose of construction of the Blaine Lake Community School:

4th Avenue East from North South Road Allowance running east 648 feet

Any person claiming to be affected prejudicially by the proposed bylaw or that person’s agent has the opportunity to be heard at the next regular meeting of council to be held on September 20, 2021 at the Town of Blaine Lake Town Office 301 Main Street commencing at 4pm.

Town of Blaine Lake Recycling Program

The Town is in the process of making changes to it’s recycling program, so you may notice in the next month a change in the service provider, however, the schedule will remain the same. The next pickup is Friday, August 6, 2021.

Unfortunately, we have noticed an alarming increase in unacceptable material and items being placed in the recycling carts – items such as propane bottles, clothing, small household appliances, batteries, paint cans, carpet, animal waste – are not acceptable. 

 We would remind everyone that there is a difference between what is “recyclable” and what might be “reusable” and garbage. Recyclable items include plastics ONLY with a triangle on the bottom with the number 1 thru 7 in the triangle. No black plastic of any kind can by placed in the cart. Plastic bottles, milk jugs, tin cans (soup, food tins etc), cardboard boxes and paper are all recyclable. Everything else, even though it maybe “reusable”, goes in your garbage cart or to Sarcan for disposal such as batteries, electronics, paint cans. When in doubt, do not put in recycle cart, as it likely is not.

Please check our recycle page for more information or call the Town Office with any questions – Thank you