Municipal Notices

There is a blue LORAAS disposal bin at the SARCAN recycling depot that takes the following materials:

  • Newspapers, magazines, office paper, junk mail, aluminum (beverage and metal cans), cardboard and boxboard and plastic bottles and containers (1 to 7).
  • When using this bin, please break down all cardboard, rinse containers, remove lids and place all items loose inside the blue container.
  • DO NOT use bags or ties.
  • If all materials do not fit in the container, please call the Town Office at 497-2531.


Business Licenses

Residents are reminded that any contractors that they have doing work for them that are not local must have business licenses to perform work within the Town. Property owners are responsible for ensuring that their contractors obtain all required licenses, failure to do so may result in the property owner having to pay these charges.


Building Permits

Pursuant to Town of Blaine Lake Bylaw No. 8-1998, all persons in the Town of Blaine Lake intending to construct, erect, place, alter, repair, renovate, demolish, relocate, remove or change occupancy of any building within the Town are required to apply for a Building Permit and a Development Permit.


When do I need a Building Permit?

New construction such as houses, commercial or industrial buildings, garages, sheds over 100 square feet, and fences.

Renovations that involve major structural changes such as basement finishing, additions to your home or business and deck or garage construction.


When a building is being moved into Town.

How much will a building permit cost?
The cost of a building permit is based on the value of construction. There is no fee for fencing construction permits.


What am I paying for when I get a building permit?

Your building permit charges pay for the initial review of your plans by the Town’s building inspector, as well as subsequent building inspections that the Building Inspector will be conducting. After each inspection, you will receive a written inspection report.


What do I need to provide to the Town when applying for a building permit?

  • Completed Building and Development permits.
  • A set of blue prints (not applicable for fencing permits)
  • A scaled site plan that indicates all current buildings and their distances from the property lines and the proposed new building or addition.


When can I start to build?

Construction can begin after the plans have been returned from the building officials and the Building Permit picked up and paid for from the Town Office. Any construction that begins before this time may be subject to a Stop Work Order and if building officials find any deficiencies in the construction the owners will be responsible to remedy these shortfalls at their own expense.