Rental Amenities

Community Hall - Blaine Lake

Blaine Lake Community Association Incorporated

  • Contact: Gary Bartsch
  • Phone - 306-606-9048
  • Call 306-606-9048 for inquiries, rental rates and bookings.


  • Upstairs 218
  • Downstairs 120
  • Rental of the facility to be paid in advance
  • Damage deposit- $50.00 to be paid in advance for any rental and will be returned upon inspection -$25.00 per hour will be charged for any cleaning that has to be done- the renter will be contacted
  • Renting the main floor is $75.00
  • Renting the basement only is $50.00- with kitchen $75.00
  • Renting the entire hall is $150.00

Hall Rules

Notify the caretaker when you wish to have the door unlocked.

Caretaker- Don & Martha Fehr – 306-497-2490
Or call BLCA Office during business hours: 306-497-2222

Your cooperation is required for the following:

  1. No smoking allowed. This is a non-smoking facility
  2. Dishes…to be washed, dried as per Saskatchewan Health regulations which are posted
  3. Stoves… burners and tops cleaned
  4. Fridge and deep freeze…clean out food and wash
  5. Electric percolators, coffee pots, teapots…wash and dry, leave on counter
  6. All cooking utensils, roasters and any other items are not to be taken out of the hall at any time…otherwise bring your own supplies
  7. Renter will be responsible for any missing items
  8. All garbage… taken out to the outside Loraas bin
  9. Kitchen floor…to be washed after each function by renter


  1. Tables and chairs must be put back exactly where they were taken from
  2. Floor must be swept
  3. Garbage taken out

Upon leaving make sure:

  • All lights are turned off
  • The thermostat is turned down
  • All doors are locked

Please help us keep the hall clean!
Your cooperation is appreciated…

Thank you!!!