Trip of the Month Winners

  • November Winner
      • Nicola Lawson
  • October Winner
      • Richard Yuzak & Alicia Morin
  • September Winner
      • Grant Protz
  • August Winner
      • Nelson Crowder
  • July Winner
      • Janet Maier-Denis
  • June Winner
      • Nici Warnock of Blaine Lake
  • May Winner
      • Terry Moreau of Saskatoon
  • April Winners
      • Darcie and Barry Glencross from Blaine Lake
  • March Winner
      •  Bryce Hunter of Saskatoon.
  • February  Winner:
      • Marnie Hattum of Domremy, Sask.
  • January Winner:
      • Ed Bajak

Public Road Closure

Rural Municipality of Blaine Lake No. 434

Please Note – A Public Meeting shall be held at the Municipal Office in Blaine Lake on Wednesday, October 30, 2019 at 7:00 P.M. to deal with a road allowance lease request adjacent to NE 31-42-06-W3.

Any person who feels they are adversely affected by the proposed road closure has the right to have their objection heard by council.

Library Board and Committee Vacancies

Looking for passionate, interested people to fill Library Board and Committee Vacancies.
Share your knowledge, learn, and get involved.
Directors play an important role in the development of library services & activities in the community.

Open to any resident of Blaine Lake and area

Approximately 1 hour Board meeting per month
Volunteer as you can for fundraising events & activities

Valuable volunteer experience
Plan and lead your Library
Advocate for the Library

To join or for more information:
Visit the Blaine Lake Public Library or
Phone: 306.497.3130